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Iā€™m a digital product designer, leading the Product Design team at Intercom. Before that I co-founded and designed Android Wear and designed Google Flights. I live in Dublin, Ireland with my wife and son, and occasionally write on my blog.

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Director of Product Design

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Working at Intercom

Intercom's mobile apps'

Working at Intercom

I run the product design team at Intercom. We're building personal, simple messaging tools that allow website and app makers to see and talk with their users. We're ambitious, design-focused, and growing fast. Oh, and we're hiring designers. :)

Android Wear

Co-founder, Designer

A selection of Android Wear watches

Selection of Android Wear watchfaces

Android Wear UI

Android Wear on a Moto360 watch

While working at Google I started a 20% project to design and build a smartwatch. Over the course of several years that project grew and developed into Android Wear, Google's smartwatch platform. I helped conceive the product direction, designed large parts of the UI, wrote the design guidelines, and presented it at Google I/O.

Google Flights


Google Flights map view

Google Flights search results

Google Flights trip details

I designed Google Flights and some travel-related results for the Google search results page. There are some interesting innovations in the Flights app, such as the ability to independently select legs of a journey, or to search by map.

Selected writing

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Publications, Speaking, Interviews, etc.


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